It Literally Takes a Village

Grandma's are Very Important

Nina has helped us so much along the way. She always pulls out all the stops to make sure we have a good time together. 

We have been through a lot, but our memories with her will always be extra special and most guarded in our hearts!

We know she is always standing in our corner; no matter what!

Papa's Are pretty important too!

Papa helped me catch my first fish, helps me read, and we do all the “boy things” together and we get away with it!

He means so much to me. I love going for biscuits with Papa on Saturday’s, speeding on a tube through the lake, or roasting marshmellows over a fire!

We called her Nona

Patsy was her name. She was our Great-Grandmother, the mother of Nina. Many say she looked like Dionne Warwick.

She was a ball of fire, but she stopped at nothing and loved us to no end. Ayanna was with her when she took her last breath.

She has missed so much in the past decade. We will always wonder what life would be like today, with her in it. 

We think she would be proud!

Nanny Says I'm Her Good Boy

We spend Christmas with Nanny a lot of times. She is Damian’s Mom and our Great-Grandmother. 

She loves to cook. Her signature dish is chocolate gravy. She . has played an instrumental role in our lives since Uncle met Damian and we love her very much!