Parenting Styles

You can shelter your kids from everything or teach them as you go along.

We may live most of our lives from a spreadsheet, but everyone knows what is for dinner, whose laundry day it is, and whose week it is to clean the bathroom.

It works for us! No worries, we sneak a lot of fun in between!


Communication really is key. We have lot's of conversation in our home and no topics are off the table.

Online Monitoring

We keep a close check on all of our kid's social media accounts, internet search results, and viewed content.

Family Apps

We use a myriad of apps to keep up with our life! DropBox, GroupMe, FaceTime, ICloud Family Share, etc. They all help us to keep our kids safe and to communicate with them!


Organization is a must. We have a list of spreadsheets from laundry, chores, ride schedules, outings requests, etc. This helps us keep track at all times.

Mobile Communication

This is huge! We do not give our kids free reign over their cell phones. We have rules and they know their cell phone will be the first to go.

Tracking System

Yup, we track their every move. We also teach them what to do in the event of the unthinkable. You can never be too prepared. Have fun with drills, draw escape plans, set meeting places, create a keyword. Personalize your family's plan!

What our Kids Think

"Uncle runs a tight shift, but it works very well for me. The older I get, the better our systems work for me!"
"I don't always like my chores, but I think I work better with structure and it helps me stay organized."
"I love to clean. I help my Dad clean doorknobs, furnature, and I pickup my toys."