Meet them for Yourself


Akia - 17

12th Grade - Pre-Law

Ayanna - 14

8th Grade - Undecided

Aythan - 7

Speaks French - Learning Mandarin next

Siblings without War


These kids are resilient and are known for battling through the hardest situations to help each other.

Grateful that we kept them together, even more grateful for the love they share for one another.

In our eyes, they will always deserve the very best from life!

Some say we saved them; we say they saved themselves

Determination Resilient Tenacity Dedication  


When these kids set out to do something, they follow it all the way through.


By keeping a positive attitude, they have never once brought the “situation” excuse out of the bag.

I know they feel unloved by their mom. I know they feel abandoned by her, If anything at all, I hope they we can give them enough love to lessen that feeling of pain and emptiness. They are our entire world.

When they are older, they may ask me questions. At that time, I will answer them honestly and from deep within. Until then, we’re going to let them be superstars and achieve everything that interests them and anything they see for their future.