#DoubleDaddin' - All Day Long

We can't believe we Get To do this for free

"We can't take the credit for their achievments"

Our kids have worked so hard to achieve academic success and never fall below A-B Honor Roll since we have had them. Their academics have led the way. We cannot take credit for that. 

Despite their situation past or present, they have chosen NOT to be a product of their circumstances and they deserve all of the accolades for their earned achievements!

Through tenacity and dedication, they keep surpassing all of our goals, flying past all of the mile markers, and achieving all of the dreams they have for themselves.

We are super proud of each of them individually!

Having Fun Along The Way

We take trips to Catch a break.
Self Care is crucial.

We enjoy spontaneous trips to anywhere; anytime! With no rhyme or reason, the two of us will vanish at the drop of a hat! 

(We don’t abanoned the kids!) 

We usually end up some where fabulous with our three little ones in tow. 

Sometimes, we have Nanny fill in while we skip off for much needed rest, fun, and/or  relaxation.

Exploring Diversity; Cultural Awareness

Diversity is what embodies us as a family. We are many dynamics living under one roof. 

Exploring those differences and meeting and conversing with others like us, we learn that our differences are not so unique after-all.

On Sunday's, we schedule coffee with friends

Sunday’s we check out.

  • Eat Leftovers
  • No Chores
  • Do Nothing
  • Shower
  • Do More Nothing

We schedule coffee with friends; to reminisce about the week and talk about the weather.

We love to answer questions...

Our Secrets of the Trade

Not everything works for everyone, but we will share a few of our secrets with you.

Feel free to share yours with us! We are always excited to learn from other parents as well!

DropBox & Paper by Dropbox

Because of kids, we have to save so many things. With DropBox, we are able to save, organize, and access anything on the go!

Damian, my mom, and anyone I choose can collaborate back and forth and have access to docs on the go.

Seek Financial Advice

Regardless of your single situation, meet with a financial institution or planner to discuss avenues of securing your child's future. and your assetts.

The trips to the bank when they're young is fun, they get a sucker stuck on the back of the seat on the way home, but the money adds up and they learn that very quickly.

No Rewind

You only get one chance. Do it right. If you need a break, take a break.

Children are 100% important 100% of the time. If you do not have the time to devote to a child, please don't create, foster or adopt

Timing is not everything; just make sure you're ready.

Invest In Durable Luggage

If you want your kids to have a decent childhood, invest in TravelPro luggage for them and you!

Likely, the most durable on the market, they connect to make rolling wardrobes, and are backed by a great guarantee from TravelPro.

Pictures capture memories which are moments never forgotten

Be sure to take every photo, but don't live through the lens.

Those memories seem so short lived now, but when looking back, we wish we had ten million more.

Upload unlimited pictures to your DropBox account to safe guard them.

Nurture Their Health

We don't cook from cans or boxes. We try to grow or buy local everything we can. We still have dinner at our table, as a family.

This is really important to us.

The Serious Dad


In my defense, I have become less serious over the years. I can finally see them catching on.

I love Akia, Ayanna, and Aythan so much; I am so thankful I have been able to share these years with them.

I would do it one hundred times, all over again!


The Cool Dad


Im most def the flow in our lives. I remind myself all of the time, I’m their parent because I am so much their friend.

I love them infinity times infinity and my connection with each is singular. 

I always take Ayanna to her dances because I’m the only dad who can dance. I love those moments. #PreciousMemories