#DoubleDaddin | Our Story

We are two young men, in a gay, interracial relationship, raising three, bi-racial children in the way, deep south. Tell me; why does that strike a nerve with folks? 

Or, does it?

"There are lot's of bumps along the road to easy street."


Well, he is; I’m not. All of the kids add their own personalities to our lifestyle. 

We say our family dynamics are as if you put every ingredient in your kitchen into a brown paper bag and shook it. 

We are creative, fun, eccentric, moody, divided, together, and strong in every way. We are a very “normal” family. 

Stick around, you’ll learn who’s who pretty quick! 

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The Cast and Crew

I am Troy. I’m the old grumpy guy who is less than creative, always starving, and all I ever want to drink is coffee. 

I also answer to Uncle and Daddy or, #UncleDaddy! The girls were my nieces and my son was my nephew. My sister was their mom. 

Damian is my partner, their other Dad. He’s ultra-creative, young at heart, loves anything outdoors, and fits right in!

Akia was the first born and most highly adorned. Not only because she was the first born, but because she played such a role in the unit we are today. She’s quiet, giving, and the most kind.

Ayanna is bossy, always right, determined, and so kind. She is the girl who stands up for everything she sees as right and against everything she sees as wrong.

Aythan also goes by #Slingshot, #RingPop, #Beuford, #JohnBrownit, and by the time I finish this, many many more! 

Oh and Guinness is our dog. That’s Us!!!

Family Ties & LOVE KNOTS

The biggest joy shared by these children are each other. They don’t argue and call each other names. Rivalry doesn’t really exist.

Instead, they treasure one another as if they know how lucky they must be.

As their Dad’s, we nurture their relationship and we let them identify with their past in their own ways. It is only our job to love, nourish, teach, and protect them.

We have a lot of fun in this process, but it has been the fastest rollercoaster of the most unexpected freight at many jerks and pulls along the way.

Want to know more about us?

Visit each of our pages and see our differences. We are each so different; our outlooks, goals, and personalities. Many things set us apart, but even more things bring us together.

Damian & Troy

"The Dad's"

Yup, we do this together and we each have our own list of yes's and no's from each of our kids. We work in our family owned business and we have a great check and balance in place.


The oldest; the quieter one, band geek, caregiver, most giving, and most compassionate.

Graduated | 2020


The youngest; successor, businessman, numbers mastermind, and most loving human.


The middle child; the most outspoken, comedic, hero, political, and believes what she stands for. She is our protector.

Brands That Align